Neighbouring rights and private copy

SCF is the leading organisation in Italy for the collection and distribution of royalties generated by the public performance of recorded music, as established by the Italian Copyright Law.


Neighbouring rights

The Italian Copyright Law (Law No. 633/1941) recognises the right of record producers to receive compensation whenever their recorded work (phonogram) is publicly used.

We represent over 500 record producers who have entrusted us with the task of collecting royalties from music users and then distributing them to the rights holders.

Our licences grant the rights set forth in Articles 72, 73 and 73 bis of Law 633/1941 (related rights) and are necessary for the legitimate use of phonograms belonging to our Repertoire:

  • by radio and television broadcasters (including satellite)
  • by all businesses that use music for profit or entertainment purposes (disco clubs, fashion shows, fitness classes)
  • on all occasions when music is played, even for non-profit purposes (weddings, recreational clubs, parish youth center)


Intermediazione diritti connessi SCF


Private Copying

Private copying applies to blank media, recording devices and digital memories that allow individuals to make copies of copyrighted works for personal use.

The private copying levy (Article 71 of the Italian Copyright Law 633/1941) compensates the music industry for the loss of revenue due to private copies of copyrighted works made with these devices.

The flat-rate fee is due by those who manufacture or import recording devices and blank media (smartphones, tablets, pendrives, CDs, USB devices) into Italy. The tariffs in force are established by decree.

Fondazione Copia Privata Italia, which manages the primary collection:

  • allocates 10% to national and international cultural promotion activities (art. 1, paragraph 335 of Law 208/2015)
  • divides the remaining amount between authors (50%), phonogram producers (25%), and performing artists (25%).

SCF then distributes the proceeds among its clients based on its own distribution criteria, retaining a small commission of only 3%.


Intermediazione diritti connessi SCF

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Reciprocity agreements

SCF has signed bilateral representation agreements with major collecting societies operating in other countries.

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