Radio TV & online broadcasting

Every day, major national networks and over 1,000 local radio stations use our repertoire to entertain the public and generate advertising revenue, thanks to the SCF Radio License.

By subscribing, you can: broadcast over 30 million tracks in FM, DAB and simulcast and make your broadcast programs available as Podcasts!

We regularly receive reports from broadcasters that allow us to distribute 100% of the royalties we collect to our clients in detail!


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    Our catalogue is also a protagonist in the programming of national and local television broadcasters which, thanks to the SCF TV Licence, enrich their schedules with the latest hits, great classics, and soundtracks produced by our clients.

    The constant exchange of data with the main operators in the sector allows us to guarantee the precise and timely distribution of royalties to our clients.

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    Online broadcasting
    Online broadcasting

    Even Web Radio and Web TV can enhance their programming by using over 30 million Italian and international songs from the SCF repertoire by subscribing to the most suitable licence based on the nature of the project:

    Amateur: aimed at those who make radio for passion, without profit and without advertising

    Institutional: dedicated to schools, universities, public bodies, parties, associations or religious groups, to promote their cultural activities without profit

    Commercial: for those who want to make web radio or web TV a professional activity, or to make their website or apps more engaging for their customers.

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