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The neighbouring rights of record producers and performers are separate and distinct from those recognised for authors and publishers represented by SIAE.

Therefore, in order to broadcast recorded music in full compliance with current regulations, it is necessary to pay not only copyright royalties, but also neighbouring rights to SCF.

YES. For some categories of  music users, SIAE also collects the neighbouring right on behalf of SCF.

It is necessary to verify the terms of use of the streaming service. Usually, subscription contracts authorise use only for personal purposes and prohibit public broadcasting.

When SCF offices identify users of recorded music who have not yet paid the due royalties, they invite them to pay the royalties and, in case of refusal, reserve the right to take legal action.

In addition, the payment of royalties may also be subject to verification during an inspection by the competent authorities (e.g., Guardia di Finanza). In the event of an ascertained illegal distribution of music, administrative or criminal sanctions may be applied.

Yes, because the law does not make a distinction based on the means used: even if the use takes place through radio and/or television, it is still a form of public communication of sound recordings.

This principle is widely confirmed by case law and by the Permanent Consultative Committee on Copyright (supervisory body at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers).

In a judgement of conviction against the owner of a public establishment (sentence 2289/2010), the Court of Milan not only confirmed the legitimacy of SCF's requests  (sentenza 2289/2010) but also reiterated that the payment of compensation for copyright is also due in the case of use of a radio and/or TV.

If you have never paid royalties in the past, we invite you to write to commerciale@scfitalia.it  to purchase and sign the most suitable SCF licence form for your needs.

In this way, you will be in compliance with the current copyright regulations, even in the event of inspections by the competent authorities.

NO, also international legislation, at the level of the World Trade Organization, as well as EU Legislation (and consequently the local regulations of EU countries) recognise the recognised rights of record producers and performing artists.

In all countries there are collective management societies for the rights of record producers and performing artists, alongside societies of authors.

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