Joining SCF

The mandate can be conferred by both companies and individuals, provided that they hold the neighbouring rights. Discover the advantages!

Joining SCF is simple and free (we only apply commissions on the rights actually distributed).

Fill out the attached forms and send them to the PEC (certified mail) address

Required Documents

Fill out and sign the mandate contract and send it along with the following documents.

  • Declaration in lieu of affidavit (made in accordance with DPR 28 December 2000, n.445 and subsequent amendments) certifying that the applicant is the holder of one or more of the rights referred to in Article 4 of the Company's Statute with reference to at least one Phonogram (word template 1) and the documentation relating to at least one of the Phonograms produced or interpreted by the applicant.
  • Self-declaration relating to the criminal record certificate and pending charges relating to the individual applicant or the directors of the entity (attached template)
  • Copy of an identity document of the individual, or of the legal representative of the entity
  • Copy of the updated historical Chamber of Commerce registration and the last three financial statements of the entity
  • Declaration of unconditional acceptance of the Company's Statute, the Mandate and Distribution Regulation and the Code of Ethics (attached template)
  • Producer's details (Excel file)


Joining SCF

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