26 August 2023

Signed the agreement and multi-year settlement between RAI and SCF for the use of recorded music

Close to signing the license for the 2023-2024 biennium with an innovative reporting system.

RAI and SCF have announced the achievement of an agreement regarding past uses of the repertoire from major and independent record labels and the resolution of pending legal matters.

The agreement covers all uses of SCF's repertoire made by RAI, both through TV-radio channels and RaiPlay platform, for the years 2013 - 2022 and defines the remuneration due to SCF.

Simultaneously, RAI and SCF are finalizing an additional agreement for the 2023-2024 biennium, further strengthening their commitment to a transparent and enduring collaboration.

The innovative reporting system, based on data interchange resulting from the sharing of resources and technical expertise between RAI and SCF, will ensure increasingly accurate and punctual reporting of all the music usage needed for a fair distribution to the rights holders.

This deal represents a significant advancement in the relationship between RAI and SCF, demonstrating ongoing attention to the timeliness and completeness of reporting, both for the RAI group and SCF.

"I am extremely pleased with the reached agreement," comments Mariano Fiorito, General Director of SCF. "Beyond the resolution of pending legal matters, an important step forward has been taken that marks the beginning of a new era of collaboration between the two companies. The commitment and investments made by the parties in developing an advanced reporting system are a further example of partnership for a fairer and more transparent remuneration of music investments.

"The agreement today," says RAI, "demonstrates RAI's commitment to ensuring adequate and transparent compensation for all rights holders, with the aim of contributing to support the entire cultural industry.

The adoption of an advanced reporting system represents a best practice that will serve as an example for the entire sector and confirms the path started by RAI with the agreements signed with SIAE in December 2022, which will continue with further agreements with LEA, Nuovo Imaie, and RASI, in order to establish enduring, fair, and transparent relationships. It also underscores RAI's commitment to leveraging all available technological tools, in line with the most cutting-edge media companies."

Signed the agreement and multi-year settlement between RAI and SCF for the use of recorded music

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