2 September 2022

SCF renews support for Credits Due

SCF Supports the International Credits Due campaign, which aims to update royalties reporting processes and improve their effectiveness.

The initiative, created by the Ivors Academy and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation, aims to standardise the global music industry's approach to ensuring that all song metadata is attached to recordings from the moment they are created.

The 5 essential data points

When a song is recorded, the following 5 data points must be entered correctly:

  1. The names of the authors, performers, producers and collaborators who contributed to the creation of the song
  2. The title and all alternative titles
  3. The role codes of the creators (for authors, the IPI code)
  4. The ISWC code, which uniquely identifies the song
  5. The ISRC code, which uniquely identifies the recording

This organic process of exchanging data on the use of videomusical phonograms facilitates reporting and distribution processes for collecting societies.

Video workshop

Credits Due has produced a workshop with industry experts and music creators discussing whether metadata can be part of the songwriting process.

SCF renews support for Credits Due

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