13 January 2023

SCF collaborates with AGCOM to combat music piracy

Measures against unlicensed radio and web radio stations, with the technical support of the  FPM (Federation against Music and Multimedia Piracy) and Digital Content Protection (DcP).

The music industry remains vigilant in combating piracy, despite the positive growth of streaming (+23% in 2022 for the premium segment) and the music market (+27.8% compared to 2020, placing Italy in the top ten global markets).

SCF, in collaboration with FPM (Federation against Music and Multimedia Piracy) and DcP (Digital Content Protection), has continued its efforts to combat this constantly evolving phenomenon in 2022.

AGCOM plays a central role in this context. Through the procedures established by the Regulation on the protection of copyright on electronic communication networks and implementing procedures pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 70 of April 9, 2003, AGCOM has ensured effective monitoring and enforcement activities against copyright and related rights infringements.

During the year, numerous actions were initiated against radio and web radio stations that lacked the necessary authorisations to broadcast SCF's repertoire. Some of these actions resulted in the definitive blocking of the websites through which the illegal broadcasting was taking place.

"This year has once again marked significant progress in the fight against different forms of piracy," declares Mariano Fiorito, General Manager of SCF. "The measures adopted by AGCOM, following our reports, demonstrate a synergy of intent aimed at promptly combating copyright and related rights infringements. This is another step towards guaranteeing the protection of the music industry and, with it, the economic well-being of artists, producers, and, more generally, all rights holders."





SCF collaborates with AGCOM to combat music piracy

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