12 September 2022

RAI and Rights: SCF Takes Legal Action to Recover Compensation

"It is surprising that RAI itself is disavowing the value of the content it incorporates into its broadcasts”: Mariano Fiorito, general manager of SCF, expresses perplexity about the state broadcaster's response to the controversy that has emerged in recent days over the alleged non-payment of royalties due to record producers by the public service.

“SCF has also had to take legal action to recover the royalties that RAI has deliberately decided not to pay to record producers and artists, and to obtain, in the future, a complete accounting of the musical tracks used by RAI as required by current regulations," the collecting society's director explained to Rockol.

"In addition to demanding payment for uses that, according to the checks we have carried out through a well-known company specialising in surveys, RAI has declared to us - and paid - only in part for past years, we are also acting for the recognition of rights for the uses of the current year, which to date are taking place in the total absence of authorisation."

"We have also sent a report to AGCOM," Fiorito continues, "thus giving impetus to the sanctioning procedure for violation of art. 23, paragraphs 1 and 2, of Legislative Decree 35/2017, concerning the obligation of users of works of the intellect, within ninety days of use, to send the competent collective management organisations the information necessary for the collection of royalties and for the distribution and payment of the amounts due to the rights holders, and concerning the use of protected works."

This is not, the SCF general manager is keen to point out, a mere matter of principle. "We are talking about very high amounts, capable of affecting the economic fortunes of the music industry and the community of artists."

Milan, September 12, 2022





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