1 June 2022


The use of music to entertain guests in beach clubs is widespread: according to SCF data, all beach clubs use it to entertain customers with recreational activities or simply to provide a pleasant background. However, in this context, unlicensed music use exceeds 90%.

“Despite repeated requests and initiatives to obtain payment for licences, the vast majority of beach clubs continue to evade their dues, with percentages in some areas of Italy reaching as high as 100%,” said SCF General Manager Mariano Fiorito.

“It would be appropriate, in addition to strong control action by the relevant authorities, to provide - in the legislation being considered by Parliament - that the granting of concessions be also subject to the acquisition of regular licences for the use of music, which clearly constitutes a fundamental element for these structures to attract and entertain customers and tourists.”

Milan, June 1, 2022




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