5 May 2022

SCF approves the 2021 budget with a +29.5% increase in the royalties distributed

SCF has approved the balance sheet for the year 2021 which closed in 54.9 million royalties distributed to shareholders, members and CMOs of performers (+30% compared to 2020).

The company has also seen strong growth of members, who have registered their repertoires in 2021 - today they are 488 - and of the tracks represented, over 27 million, also considering the repertoires managed on behalf of international CMOs.

SCF ranks as the seventh CMO globally, in a market that according to the latest IFPI data, has generated $ 631 million in 2021.

Compared to the various segments, SCF has seen growth in the broadcasting and new media segment, with a + 5% and a drop due to the still difficult pandemic situation in public performance, which fell by 13%.

Private copying and international revenue collected are on the rise, increasing overall by 90.08%.

In 2021 SCF has proceeded to the final allocation of year 2019. Airplay relating to 2020 usage has been claimed by right holders, continuing towards a greater attention to track-based allocation. Indeed, 1.299 reports have been made available in 2020, with a growing trend (2017: 226; 2018: 450; 2019: 779) and with an increasingly tight processing time.

Commenting on the figures, SCF General Manager Mariano Fiorito, said: “It is important to underline how the operational efficiency of SCF has made it possible to distribute about 55 million royalties for 2021, in an incredibly complicated year and strongly influenced by the pandemic crisis.

We have tried to improve our systems and technology with the aim of guaranteeing a greater market coverage and a stream of royalties payments to our members, which by the way continue to grow from year to year, confirming the importance of our role. Hoping in an upcoming recovery in the sector, our commitment will be to extend market coverage and to increase track-based allocation and the relationship with our members, through an increased operational efficiency".

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