23 January 2020

Mariano Fiorito appointed general director of SCF

The SCF Board of Directors has appointed Mariano Fiorito as General Director of SCF.

Graduated in Computer Engineering, he began his career at Microsoft in 1996, holding various positions in both technical and marketing, but above all in sales, where he gained most of his work experience.

In 2011 he joined SCF, assuming responsibility for the Sales Department, which he led to achieve excellent growth results both in the collection of revenues from the various uses of music for radio, TV, web and public performance, and in the development of market shares by expanding coverage to new categories of users.

"Mariano Fiorito has played a key role in the commercial development of the company in recent years, even in complex segments to be controlled in Italy, contributing to revenue growth and market control," said SCF President Enzo Mazza, on behalf of the board of directors.

“I thank the Board of Directors for their trust. SCF faces important challenges and great growth opportunities that, together with the company's team, we want to pursue decisively in accordance with the strategic objectives identified by the board of directors," said Mariano Fiorito.

The field of neighbouring musical rights is taking an increasingly important share of the market. In 2018 SCF distributed over 52 million euros in Italy to record companies and collecting societies of performers with a growth of 4.17%.

Mariano Fiorito appointed general director of SCF

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