2 September 2022

Italian music market in the first half of 2022

Music in Italy grows by 18.33% in the first half of the year and exceeds 153 million euros in turnover (Deloitte data for FIMI).

The digital segment, which today accounts for 83% of the entire Italian market, has recorded a 13.7% increase in revenue from audio streaming subscriptions and a 40.3% increase in revenue from video streaming.

Physical sales are holding steady thanks to vinyl, which is up 17.5% despite the decline in CDs after their post-lockdown rebound in 2021.

Italian repertoire dominates the Top Ten

The data is part of a picture of total domination by local repertoire, as highlighted by the FIMI/GfK half-yearly charts.

Both Top Tens (Albums and Singles) are entirely Italian: a result of the far-sighted investments made by local record companies in a complex context such as the pandemic.

  • Rkomi's Taxi Driver (the best-selling album of 2021) tops the Album chart (physical + digital + premium audio streaming), followed by Blanco's Blu celeste and Lazza's Sirio.
  • Mahmood & Blanco's hit Brividi soars to the top of the Singles chart (download + premium audio streaming). Sangiovanni's Farfalle is in second place, and Dargen D'amico's Dove si balla is in third place.

The best-selling vinyl in the first half of 2022 is also Italian: Virus by Noyz Narcos.

Source: FIMI


Italian music market in the first half of 2022

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