17 September 2023

Coderblock Connect: Copyright and the Metaverse

The president of SCF will be a featured speaker at the day dedicated to copyright and the metaverse, organised as part of Coderblock Connect on Thursday, October 19th.


Enzo Mazza

  • Topic: Opportunities for neighbouring rights in web3
  • Time: 11:30 AM

Other speakers:

  • Brando Benifei, Member of the European Parliament, AI Act rapporteur
  • Giovanni Maria Riccio, E-Lex Law Firm
  • Antonino Abbate, founder of OnlyTech Industries and creator of OnlyMusix
  • Giulio Gaudiano, President of Assipod, Italian podcasting association
  • Roberto Esposito, founder of Alterside

Presentations will be held online and will be projected on the screen in the Coderblock metaverse, the area dedicated to the activities of the Licensync association.


Coderblock Connect

The virtual networking event within Coderblock Open World aims to create relationships between companies, brands and users, to offer valuable content related to the blockchain and Web3 world and to show the business opportunities offered by the metaverse.

The event is scheduled from October 17 to 20 within Oasis, the main city of Coderblock Open World with over 100 exhibitors, meeting areas, industry panels with qualified speakers and other business-related activities in the metaverse.

Coderblock is an open world based on blockchain that combines multiplayer role-playing game adventures and virtual business experiences. A world where you can create a virtual identity, write your story in the P2E game, interact with other users, buy and customize land plots, exchange assets and NFTs.

Coderblock Connect: Copyright and the Metaverse

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