27 January 2020

Bilateral agreements with Denmark and Poland

SCF has signed two new reciprocity agreements with Denmark and Poland, in addition to those recently concluded with the United States, Canada, Spain, and Jamaica.

SCF has signed reciprocity agreements with GRAMEX (Denmark) and ZPAV (Poland) at the Performance Rights Committee (PRC) in Geneva. The agreements bring the number of SCF's bilateral agreements with foreign collecting societies to 18.

Under the agreements, SCF will collect and distribute royalties to its members for the use of their repertoire in Denmark and Poland.

This will only apply to members who have given SCF the mandate to manage their catalogue in these territories. The expansion of SCF's bilateral agreements will allow the independent producers associated with SCF to increase their potential revenue from the exploitation of their repertoire abroad.

In 2015, revenue from foreign collecting societies grew by 121% compared to 2014.


Enzo Mazza, the president di SCF, with John Kristensen, CEO of Gramex (Denmark)          Enzo Mazza with Boguslaw Pluta from ZPAV (Poland)

Enzo Mazza, presidente di SCF, con John Kristensen, CEO della Gramex (Danimarca)

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