12 September 2023

Anti-Online Piracy Law: Agcom Launches Technical Table

The inaugural meeting of the Technical Table to combat online piracy - convened by Agcom within the terms established by Law 14 July 2023, No. 93 - was held on September 7.

The law introduces "Provisions for the prevention and repression of the illegal dissemination of copyrighted content through electronic communication networks".

Anti-piracy measures provide that Agcom can block websites that distribute live content (of a sporting nature, but not only) within 30 minutes of being reported by the rights holders.

Present at the inaugural meeting: the Authority and the National Cybersecurity Agency, the Special Unit of the Guardia di Finanza and the Postal Police at Agcom, the representatives of the rights holders and service providers (ISPs) and the representatives of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, as observers.

Sitting at the technical table, representing SCF and FIMI: FPM (Federation against Music and Multimedia Piracy) and its content and brand protection company DcP.

During the meeting, Agcom presented the Piracy Shield single technological platform that will allow rights holders to report violations and providers to quickly block pirated resources.

Luca Vespignani, general secretary of FPM and CEO of DcP, declared: “The copyright regulation is enriched with precious tools to be even more effective in combating new phenomena linked to piracy. FPM and DcP are proud to be able to contribute their expertise to the success of the technical discussions".

Anti-Online Piracy Law: Agcom Launches Technical Table

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