Music licencing

Thanks to the SCF licence, you can legally use about 30 million songs in your professional activity.

To use recorded tracks from the SCF catalogue, it is necessary to pay royalties to the record producers and the performing artists.

According to the Copyright Law, the following are required to pay royalties related to copyright:

  • Radio, TV, DJs and Music providers
  • Shops, accommodation and catering facilities, discos, gyms, cinemas and all businesses that use music to improve their services or the shopping experience
  • Anyone who organizes private or corporate events with the listening of protected recorded music, even when the initiative is non-profit, such as events in oratories or those of amateur sports associations

To calculate the amount of the annual licence, we have defined - in agreement with the main trade associations - transparent and proportional criteria to the added value that music produces in the activity of those who use it (depending on the reference sector: advertising revenue, sales area, or number of participants in the case of events and demonstrations).

Music licencing
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