The fee regularises the diffusion of background music within the establishment.

The rate is annual and is differentiated based on the sales area and the means of diffusion.

The collection of fees is carried out directly by SCF.

To regularise your position, you can:

  • proceed with the payment of the invoice that SCF sends annually by CEM
  • or sign the appropriate licence.

For more information, to receive a quote or to request the issuance of an invoice, write to  sending the following data:

Company name, VAT number, store area/s, means of diffusion, diffusion start date, any category association of belonging.

If you are a member of a trade association with which we have signed an agreement, you can obtain discounts on the purchase of the Licence.

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Membership Campaign

In the early months of the year, we launch the membership campaign that allows small businesses (<200 sq m) to access the Licence at discounted rates.




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