Recreational clubs and senior centres

Recreational clubs and senior centres, even if they are non-profit organisations, must subscribe to the SCF licence to legally broadcast recorded music.

Recreational Clubs

The fee is annual and is based on the number of members enroled in the club and the means of diffusion used.

For musical, dance, and non-musical entertainment, the fee is differentiated by the number of members and whether or not the event is free.

Payment of the fee (collected by SIAE on behalf of SCF) can be made:

  • At the SIAE office competent for the territory

  • For ambient music only, by MAV sent by SIAE.

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Senior Centres

The fee allows for the regularised diffusion of ambient music, music during courses, and music during entertainment.

The fee is annual and varies depending on the number of members enroled in the Senior Centre.

  • The fee that regularises the diffusion during courses is annual and varies based on the number of members and the kind of music use relative to the discipline practised (necessary or NOT necessary music).

  • The fee for entertainment is annual and varies depending on the number of events organised during the year.

Due to the social and aggregative nature of the activities carried out in favour of the elderly, as an alternative to the aforementioned fees, it is possible to opt for an annual lump sum payment.

Payment of the fees (collected directly by SCF) can be made:

  • By paying the invoice that SCF sends annually via CEM

  • By signing the appropriate licence.


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