Playing high-quality background music is a fundamental added value for the offer of a pharmacy.

To legally transmit recorded music in public, it is necessary to recognise the neighbouring rights (in addition to the copyright protected by SIAE) to artists and record producers.

Thanks to the SCF licence, you can give your customers the emotions of great national and international music, in compliance with the law. You will have the opportunity to choose from over 20 million tracks belonging to over 400 record producers.

The fee is annual and is based on the square meters of the soundproofed areas within the pharmacy.

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Federfarma Agreement

Federfarma and SCF have signed an agreement dedicated to pharmacies that wish to obtain a licence for the public diffusion of recorded music. The agreement guarantees a reduction in fees for Federfarma members and allows them to choose from different membership options:

  • As an individual pharmacy
  • Through the Provincial Association or Regional Union
  • As an associated pharmacy adhering on behalf of at least three associated pharmacies.

For more information, contact Federfarma or our Sales Office.

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