Background Music and Entertainment

Music has a immense power: it makes us dance and sing, it entertains, it relaxes, it accompanies our workouts and makes the most important moments in life joyful.

Marketing exploits the ability of music to evoke emotions and create memories to increase customer time spent in retail stores, bars and restaurants, and to increase the average purchase amount.

Regardless of the medium used, in order to use this extraordinary tool in public, it is however necessary to pay the royalties recognised by the Copyright Law to the record producers (even in the case of non-profit events).

Choose SCF

  • We are the leading reference point in Italy for the collection of neighbouring rights. We distribute royalties to our clients, who can thus partially get a return the investments made for the recording of the song and the promotion of the artists.
  • We represent a catalogue of approximately 30 million songs that embraces all musical genres, from international novelties to the successes of Sanremo, to the great classics.

We offer the best music, in respect for the law.

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