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Licences to communicate music to the public

In Italy users need two types of licence in order to legally communicate music to the public: one related to copyright and one related to neighbouring rights.

Licences to communicate music to the public


It is right to exploit works of mind having a creative character, whatever their mode or form of expression. Holders of this right are authors and publishers. This right is managed by SIAE.

Neighbouring rights

It is the right to exploit the phonogram on a physical or digital support. Holders of this right are phonographic producers and performers.

In Italy this right is managed by various collecting societies, but SCF is the most representative, with over 400 record companies registered.

For which activity is the licence required?

Music is a crucial experience for customers, because it makes them staying longer in a shop and increases the opportunity for buying items. SCF licence allows to legally use a repertoire of over 20 million tracks in the following venues:

  • retail shops
  • public venues
  • hospitality
  • sport
  • transport

The tariffs are yearly and based on the square metres and on the type of activity.

SCF has agreed the determination of the tariffs with the most representative Italian trade associations.