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SCF S.r.l. manages in Italy the collection and the distribution of royalties due to phonographic producers and performing artists, for the use in public of recorded music (neighbouring rights).


SCF manages over 400 record labels for a total of more than 20 million tracks.

We allow to use and communicate to the public the tracks of both majors and independent record companies, in compliance with the copyright laws and the UE directives. We deal with:

  • users of recorded music (i.e. TV and radio broadcasters)
  • retailers, Music Services Providers, etc.

More than 110.000 users subscribe every year a licence with SCF in order to offer good music through radio, TV and digital devices.

International partnerships

Over the years SCF has signed bilateral agreements with music licensing companies (MLCs) around the world. Thanks to these agreements, SCF can:

  • receive royalties from MLCs for the use of SCF members’ catalogue abroad and distribute them to its members
  • pay out royalties to the record companies and the performing artists represented by the MLCs, deriving from the exploitation of their repertoire in Italy.


Extra UE

SCF is an authorized company to act as a collecting society for neighbouring rights, as it is provided for by art. 3 of the decree D.P.C.M. dated 19 December 2012.

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