Non-payment of neighbouring rights: risks

We promote legal actions to repress the illicit public use of the songs protected by SCF

When we take legal action to collect unpaid related rights for our clients, we get justice!

This is proven by the sentences issued over the years against commercial establishments, disco, web radios, and music providers that were broadcasting copyrighted recorded music without a license.

Fighting Music Piracy

SCF collaborates with FPM - Federation against Music and Multimedia Piracy, DcP - Digital Content Protection and AGCOM to protect neighbouring rights on electronic communication networks.

Thanks to this collaboration, numerous actions have been initiated against radio and web radio stations that did not have the necessary authorizations to broadcast the SCF repertoire, some of which have resulted in the definitive blocking of the websites through which the broadcasting took place.

A concrete commitment to protecting the music industry, artists, producers and all rights holders.


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