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AGCOM results promoting legality in the use of digital works

31 July 2018

In its 2018 Annual Report, Agcom presents the results of the monitoring plan for the protection of digital rights.


The powers of the Authority for communications guarantees in the area of copyright over electronic communications networks are conducted along two lines:

  • The ascertainment and the termination of copyright infringements in the use of digital works;
  • The prevention of violations, by raising awareness and promoting compliance with copyright law.

The phenomena on which the Authority operates are increasingly restricted to massive violations for reasons of mere economic speculation and less and less to the accidental error of the individual user. In 2017, the number of accidental violations of the total requests received shows a reduction of 31% compared to 36% in 2016.

With regard to the Authority's enforcement action, the percentage of spontaneous adjustments, which would represent the most desirable outcome of the Regulation, in 2017 reached 28% of the proceedings initiated, down compared to 2016 by 6 percentage points.

Procedures concluded with access disqualification orders are equal to 63% of the ongoing proceedings and continue to corroborate what has been observed in previous years: the massive violations - which are urgent - represent cases in which the transgressors act with a well-organized and complex system, which also ends up charging the final user for the use of illegal content, also using companies specialized in providing online anonymity services and masking systems of user data.

IFPI data

According to IFPI, International Federation of Musical Industry:

  • in Italy, music piracy has fallen from 39% in 2014 to 20% in April 2018
  • the phenomenon linked to Torrent sites fell by 21.9% in the last year
  • access to cyberlocker platforms fell by 14% and p2p fell to record low.

On the one hand, millions of illegal files have been blocked on various pirated platforms inhibited by Agcom, on the other hand, the presence of a vast online legal offer, in particular through streaming, constantly increases the number of legal users of musical content.